Beagle Puppies

If you have decided that a beagle is for you, it is important to purchase from a reputable breeder

who raises their puppies well and really cares for them.

All Beagle Association members sign up to our Code of Conduct and will offer ongoing advice and support.

For details of puppies available now please contact the Secretary:

Email : or  

Stop Puppy Farming!

The Beagle Association supports The Kennel Club's Puppy Farming Campaign

Stop the Suffering, STOP Puppy Farming


Puppy farming is a cruel and abhorrent trade.

Puppy farmers can be defined as volume breeders who have little regard or consideration

 for the basic needs and care for their breeding bitches and puppies.

Please take care NOT to buy from these people.

If you are just thinking about buying a puppy for the first time and need help to see if a dog would

be right for your family, or perhaps you would like to improve your knowledge about

looking after a family puppy, The Animal Care College offers a free course on line - click here

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